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In Nova Scotia, from 2001 - 2007, one third of all deaths among females under 40 were the result of injury.

Injuries Are Costly

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Alcohol Gambling Cannabis Tobacco Violence

Welcome to Injury Free Nova Scotia

jenna'slucycarseatWho We Are
Injury Free Nova Scotia is a provincial association (not-for-profit) committed to eliminating serious and preventable injuries in Nova Scotia.  We know that most incidents referred to as "accidents" that injure and claim the lives of our loved ones are in fact very preventable. We also know that to address our increasing health care costs we need to invest in prevention as well as in treatment.  Doing this work well requires working respectfully together with diverse groups within the realm of health and beyond.  We see our role as that of a positive change agent, - helping to build healthy public policy that will lessen injuries and save lives. We also see a role in bringing people together to inform, engage and mobilize them towards positive change.   

bbfinalHow do we do this?
We do this first through engaging health care professionals and researchers to share current and credible evidence on the causes of preventable injuries in this province and identify trends.  We then work with diverse stakeholder groups to incorporate community-level experience of the issue, assess current policies and determine policy changes that evidence indicates will impact most positively on injury levels.  Through then informing and engaging Nova Scotians to advocate with us for these policy changes, we work in partnership provincially to help create a safer province in which to work, play and explore.

Injury Free Nova Scotia appreciates being a part of a broader provincial health promotion network, reflecting injury prevention's important role in promoting overall good health for all Nova Scotians. 
Sessions on Cannabis and Legalization
Through autumn of 2016 a series of sessions were held in the five Nova Scotian communities of Middleton, New Glasgow, Halifax, Sydney and Liverpool, providing some information related to upcoming cannabis legalization.  We also presented the evidence-based recommendations that IFNS has sent to the federal government.  Click on our Cannabis link to see additional resources, including an Action Card that outlines those recommendations and provides contact names and addresses of our federal leaders.  The Government of Canada has  asked for our input, - we are giving ours, please add your voice.
January 31, 2017 update:  Our "harvest" document, that outlines this recent advocacy initiative and major areas of community feedback, is now under the Cannabis link as well.     

If you want to know more about our organization and the work that we do, contact Shirley Burdock CLICK HERE