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Injury Free Nova Scotia
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Our Mission

To reduce risk of serious injury for Nova Scotians

Our Vision

Nova Scotia free of serious and fatal injuries

Injury Free Nova Scotia is a provincial organization that operates as  part of the social impact sector.  We were established in 2006, and are registered as a non-profit. We are not a part of government, and operate as an independent voice on issues of injury.  We do work in respectful partnership with government, federally, provincially, municipally, and with other diverse stakeholders, including other social impact organizations.

What we share as partners, coming from diverse backgrounds, is the belief, informed by evidence, that serious injuries and injury-related deaths are largely preventable.  By working together, reviewing the evidence to understand the causes of serious injuries and injury-related deaths we can put into place policies and other interventions (the 4 E's of injury prevention's Engineering, Enforcement, Economics and Education) that will prevent them. 

We know that evidence-informed efforts made in the area of injury prevention yield positive results, and save health care dollars as well as lives.  We are confident that effective injury prevention is a vital component to effective management of resources within our overall health care system.   

Our organization is powered by a leadership team that engages on a volunteer basis, working in partnership with one staff person and a diverse host of community partners throughout the province. We realize that issues of preventable injury affect us all and efforts that engage us to work together to find solutions have the greatest merit. 

By working together, we can ensure that all Nova Scotians are able to experience the best that life can offer.


As a provincial leader in injury prevention, we pursue evidence-based healthy public policy and diverse community engagement:

Aligning with the Nova Scotia Injury Prevention Strategy

Working actively in strategic partnership

Building on community strengths

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