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Did You Know?

In Nova Scotia, from 2001 - 2007, more than half of all deaths among males under age 40 were the result of preventable injury.

Injuries Are Costly

About Us

Injury Free Nova Scotia
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Our Mission

To reduce risk of serious injury for Nova Scotians

Our Vision

Nova Scotia free of serious and fatal injuries

Injury Free Nova Scotia is a provincial association (community-based, not-for-profit), established in 2006. We are not a part of government but we work in respectful partnership with government at all levels, as well as other diverse stakeholders, at both the organizational and individual levels.  What we share as partners is the belief that serious injuries and injury-related deaths are preventable, and that by working together, using credible evidence to direct our actions, we can prevent them. 

The organization is powered by a leadership team that engages on a volunteer basis, working in partnership with one staff person and a diverse host of community partners throughout the province. We realize that issues of preventable injury affect us all and efforts that engage us to work together to find solutions have the greatest merit. We want all Nova Scotians to be able to experience the best that life can offer, - active and engaged lives with safety in mind.


As a provincial non-profit leader in injury prevention, we pursue evidence-based healthy public policy and diverse community engagement: 

Aligning with the Nova Scotia Injury Prevention Strategy

Working actively in strategic partnership

Building on community strengths