Action Teams

In the pursuit of effective injury prevention work we know it is important to be informed both by credible (current and relevant) injury evidence together with input and experience at the grassroots level.   Our communities may have common elements to them, but they are never-the-less unique, and that determines both the injuries that are experienced by communities and the combination of pursuits to best address them.  

We appreciate the ability to utilize the skills and passion of board members, past and present, as well as incorporate the involvement of other stakeholders within our three action teams.  As the name implies, these teams gather to deal with specific issues and needs of Injury Free Nova Scotia as they arise, and do not operate as ongoing committees.  

Issues Advisory  
Ensuring our pursuits are aligned with the Nova Scotia Injury Prevention Strategy and informed by credible evidence.

     Road Safety - Krise Jones, board lead 
     Alcohol & Other Substances - Dan Steeves, board lead
     Mental Health, Suicide - Sarah Hergett, board lead 

Stakeholder Engagement 
Ensuring our pursuits are reflective of the entire province, informed by the determinants of health and supportive of grassroots initiatives.                 Katie Mallam:  Board Lead

Ensuring all messaging of Injury Free Nova Scotia, both initiating and responding, is accurate, consistent and timely.
Dan Steeves:  Board Lead
Government Relations
Ensuring that our government partners, at all levels, are aware of the injury evidence and our concerns as they relate to the status quo.
Dr. Natalie Yanchar:  Board Lead

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Did You Know?

In Nova Scotia, between 2001-2007, an average of 108 people each year died as a result of a fall, representing nearly 26% of all injury-related deaths.  Most of these individuals were seniors.