Ensuring Credibility

To ensure that we are credible in the stance that we take on all injury prevention issues we must speak with an independent voice.  To do this we must steer clear of any real or perceived conflict of interest.  We do this in part by ensuring that we are not in receipt of any funding by any organizations, businesses or industries that by their practises hold some responsibility for the same preventable injuries that we strive to eliminate.  By doing this and following conflict of interest guidelines, we work hard to ensure that our voice is informed by evidence, and not sullied by self-interest.

BoysSlideWe do this acknowledging that this precludes us from benefitting from some significant funding streams.  We adjust for this by pursuing project dollars that enable us to take on specific pieces of injury prevention work, by keeping our overhead at a minimum and by accessing the significant passion and skill provided through our volunteer board, staff (of one) and partners.

We market this as being “wee but mighty”!