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Alcohol Gambling Cannabis Tobacco Violence

Gambling Harms

We are beginning to understand the significant role that gambling plays in Nova Scotia, not only to individuals, but to families and communities throughout the province. In work we do to address injury issues such as suicide we are increasingly aware of the importance of better understanding gambling and its harms if we are to get to the root causes of injury risk throughout the lifespan.

We engage not only at a provincial level, but also with our community partners, such as the Kings Community Action Group on Gambling (KCAGoG) to pursue the kind of community conversations that increase understanding and pursue meaningful and sustainable change.  

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Did You Know?

Together with our injury prevention partners we try to avoid the word "accident" because so much of what causes injury is both predictable and preventable.  The saying "accidents happen" leads us to believe that nothing can be done to save lives....but we know it can!