Privatization increases Alcohol Harms

When it comes to the issue of privatization of alcohol, abundant evidence from other provinces 
and other countries tells us that the hope we have to manage the harms of alcohol
consumption, as a society, is to do it through a government monopoly. While we are not satisfied 
with the way our NSLC currently operates in terms of pricing, access and advertising, we 
acknowledge that they have been given a singular revenue generation mandate that requires
little more and prevents much else.
For example:  Under their current revenue generation mandate, a pricing decision NSLC makes
that increases their revenues by $5 is considered in isolation of the fact that the same decision 
costs our health care system $3 and public safety $4. 
We want to see NSLC operate with a second and equal mandate that requires them to
incorporate the known impact/costs to our health care system and public safety in their decisions.

Evidence shows that if instead we choose to privatize alcohol distribution in this province,
there will only be a revenue generate/profit motive that defines success as volume sold, and there
is a direct relationship between increased consumption as a society and increased harms.  The
profits then that private industry will continue to generate will not even go into the pot that then 
has to try to address the additional harms.