The Magic Goat is on the Loose

The Magic Goat is on the Loose  New Social Media Campaign Targets Teen Drinking
Halifax, May 27, 2011 - - Injury Free Nova Scotia has developed a social marketing campaign related to the misuse of alcohol by youth in Nova Scotia. The purpose of this campaign is to draw attention to alcohol use in Nova Scotia and the danger it can place young people in.

“Each year, underage age youth are injured or hurt because they have been drinking,” said Shirley Ann Rogers, Executive Director of Injury Free Nova Scotia. “Through this campaign we hope to show teens the risks and consequences of drinking and raise awareness of the damage drinking can cause.”

The new campaign is being driven by a video which will be broadcast on CTV and at Empire Theatres throughout  Nova Scotia.  It will also be available online through YouTube and at the Website .

“Alcohol is the most commonly used drug in Nova Scotia by youth aged 12 to 18,” said Jenn Heatley, Executive Director, Atlantic Collaborative on Injury Prevention. “We are addressing this issue in hopes of beginning a long process of reducing injuries due to alcohol.  This will mean changing current attitudes towards youth drinking, and binging, as well as changing the perception that drinking is part of every social occasion.”

The first phase of the campaign is aimed at youth however the strategy includes the need for parental involvement.  Research shows that it is important for parents to get involved and recognize their responsibility.  This includes modeling their own behaviour towards alcohol as well as talking to their teens about delaying the use of alcohol and not participating in the purchase of alcohol for underage youth.

“Our goal is to make sure that Nova Scotia teens are safe and healthy,” said Rogers. “In order for this to happen, we need to work with youth, parents and the community at large to ensure that we are addressing the issues and that the message is being heard by our kids.”

Injury Free Nova Scotia is a provincial community-based organization committed to eliminating preventable injuries in Nova Scotia.