Injuries Are Costly

IFNS and the Insurance Bureau of Canada Partner to Address Distracted Driving

On May 27th, 2008 - The Insurance Bureau of Canada's Be Smart Be Safe Campaign launched their summer tour. The tour is devoted to educating the public on the dangers of distracted driving and features the very popular D.U.M.B. car which simulates driving under distraction. Visit the IBC website for details. During the kick-off, the President and CEO of IBC presented Dr. Natalie Yanchar, President of IFNS, with a cheque for $30,000. IFNS is grateful to receive their support and look forward to working with IBC in the future.

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Did You Know?

We often say it is not that we are drinking in our communities but how we are drinking that is the issue.  When risky consumption patterns and attitudes towards alcohol are adopted by a community as a whole, the harms escalate, - and we all suffer.