Injuries Are Costly


Shirley Feb2018editShirley Burdock, Executive Director

Shirley has been the Executive Director of Injury Free Nova Scotia for the past eight years. Her previous leadership and advocacy roles, over the past 20+ years, have been within the areas of dementia, emergency health services, poverty and disabilities. She has also consulted within provincial and municipal government roles and as a business consultant in areas of community and economic development and human resources. She was raised in Saskatchewan but has made her home in Nova Scotia since 2005, (2005-2007)and again since 2009!

Shirley has her Master of Adult Education from University of New Brunswick with a focus on Human Resource Development and Organizational Design, a Bachelor of Commerce in Health Care Administration and partial Master of Business Administration from the University of Saskatchewan as well as Year 1 studies in Economic Development through the University of Waterloo.

Shirley loves working with diverse teams and communities to explore issues and determine how best to approach them in ways that lead to sustainable and meaningful change.  She is married with a combined contingent of 7 adult children and two grandchildren.  

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Did You Know?

Together with our injury prevention partners we try to avoid the word "accident" because so much of what causes injury is both predictable and preventable.  The saying "accidents happen" leads us to believe that nothing can be done to save lives....but we know it can!