Suicide - Our Understanding of it

Suicide is one of the top three leading causes of injury-related deaths and hospitalizations in our province, and in our country.  In our province alone we average 120 confirmed deaths from suicide a year. Even approaching the issue of suicide is difficult, as there are many contributing factors to it and many more fears and concerns raised even in discussing it. The impact of suicide is felt so broadly, by communities as a whole trying to make sense of it, and so very intensely by the family and friends of the individual who ended their life, now trying to manage an overwhelming range of emotions that accompany the grief of the loss. 

As friends, families, community members, we want to be respectful of privacy and to honour 
the life that was taken. But we also know that silence is not the answer to lowering the number of  suicides and suicide attempts. Through such work as the Nova Scotia Strategic Framework to Address Suicide (2006) we know the importance
of becoming informed and aware when 
discussing this issue, and the vital importance of working in respectful partnership at all levels to together lower the number of suicide/suicide attempts. 

We commit to working in support of the 
partners whose life work is understanding the myriad of contributing factors that surround this issue. We participate with the Communities Addressing Suicide Together coalitions (CAST) as they work to enhance community resilience around this issue.  We also commit to leading the pieces of connecting work, such as with the culture of alcohol, that will increase our collective understanding of, and ability to respond to, this very complex issue.